About me

 Born in Cape Town, still in Cape Town. I did no sports at school and my dream since I was little was to become an interior designer.

After one year of Interior Design 1 at Cape Tech, I bailed midway and stayed home and worked in the evenings at CNA. Then I decided that Public Relations is the way to go, because according to the counselor, if you loved writing, PR is for you. After 4 years and obtaining my BTech: PR Management I decided I had to quit my part time job and do the nine-to-five thing. I then spent 12 years at a publishing house working as a travel journalist. It was the best job in the world. But when you have a kid (as I did) you can't be away from home for days and weeks. So I moved on. Now I'm in the social media and marketing realm and loving it.


I love travelling but hate flying, I eat a lot, I don't mind cooking, I'm not an avid baker and I'll choose vanilla over chocolate cake any day. Oh, and I really, really enjoy watching chick flicks.

I like bull terriers. I don't like cats. I don't mind getting flowers but I don't look after them so rather don't bother. Travel-size things are the best inventions so you'll find a collection of mini things stashed in my cupboard. I love stationery.

I like my coffee black, no sugar, and the only tea I drink is Rooibos.
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