Friday, 10 March 2017

Learning to run

I hate running. I hate that my muscles hurt. I hate that I can't breathe properly. I hate that I sweat. I hate that EVERYONE else makes it look so easy. It's hard. At the beginning of January I could run 300 metres maximum before I'd walk and give up. This is just me recording my running journey.

Why did I decide to start running?  My husband does the Two Oceans Half Marathon every year; he is a natural. He didn't need much training and he does it well. We thought it would be funny if I applied for an entry to this year's race. I got in. My world came crashing down. I agreed that if I got in, I would train as if I'm running it but if by mid-March I can't at least run 15 kilometres at a decent pace, I'd sell my entry.

Many people are saying that's the wrong attitude to have and that I should put my mind to it and do it. I need to be realistic. I run extremely slowly and I started my training on 9 January 2017. Let's see how this goes.

My kit:
For my birthday, my 1-and-a-half-year-old son bought me a pair of New Balance running tights. My sister-in-law got me a New Balance running t-shirt, cap and socks to match. So I have one full outfit. I then bought a pair of Adidas tights and running t-shirt just to have at least two to alternate for the Monday and Wednesday. I bought a pair of Asics running shoes because the ones recommended for me were R2500 - I'm not ready for that kind of commitment yet. So my R800 (on sale) Asics need to take me through the next couple of runs, and only when I enjoy running, will I take it further and invest in the real deal. I also now own a Samsung Gear Fit watch (thanks, husband) - to track runs. I still have to figure out how to operate it properly. I didn't invest in those fancy watches all the runners have.  I've got one sports bra that I have to wash and re-use at each training session - I've just ordered another pair to keep me going. I still have to buy the Itheko running t-shirt, then I think I'm sorted for now.

9 January 2017
Joined Itheko Sports Athletic Club's 8-week running programme. It's for people who don't run/who think they can't run and just general beginners. We did about 4 kilometres at a very slow pace. VERY SLOW. So slow that even I could run the full 4km without needing to rest.

11 January 2017
Today we did uphill running. It was torture. We ran up past the Baxter and even further up towards UCT. Worst day of my life. But I managed and came back alive...just about.

So this is the general schedule - Monday and Wednesday you train (average 5km each time) till your 8 weeks are done, then you do your first 10km race.

Fast forward to 20 February 2017. I'm on week 7 and still going strong. I still struggle to run - it's only easier in the sense that I can push myself because I know I can do it (because I've done it before), but it's not easier in the sense that I can do it all more effortlessly. I still don't enjoy running, and every time I do it I hate myself. After a run I feel proud of myself... but then the hate kicks in at the next session again. I want to love running... but I'm still a long way from that.

A bit of background: I'm average height but above average weight ( I love eating). I don't do any fitness activities or training. I joined a gym but went for one month then never went back. I loved the vibe and the feeling at the finish line at the Two Oceans Marathon whenever I went to support my husband and his brother-in-law and always wondered what it would be like to have that feeling they have when they finish.  Maybe I won't get there this year, maybe I will. Next week is my first 10-kilometre race so I'll update as I go along.

1 March 2017 - 10km Lighthouse Run
It was torture. I started out too fast because I got carried away with what everyone else was doing. I ran with the constant fear of being the last one. After the first water point (3km) I was dead. I wanted to give up. I was running at 7,5 minutes a kilometre, which was way faster than my training ever went. So I walked a bit and bumped into someone who trains with me. We ran together and it went so well. We kept encouraging each other and we made it to the end. It wasn't easy...but it was doable. We were probably one of the last people through the finish line, but we made it.

Fast forward to 10 March 2017.  Tomorrow I'm doing the Constantia 15km run. Bear in mind my last race (that was also my first race) was a week ago at the lighthouse. So I'm taking a huge chance here. I'll update tomorrow - whether I finish or not.

11 March 2017 - The Constantia Village K-Way 15km
To give you a bit of background, my brother-in-law is a coach at Itheko  (Neezaaam Mohamed) and he agreed to run the race with me, at my pace and guide me through it so that he can see where I'm at and if I can manage the Two Oceans Half Marathon.

I'm always very anxious before any run - training or race- and this time was no different. Once the race started we headed off VERY slowly. So slowly that we were the last people in the race. I was getting worried and kept looking behind us. Neezaam told me not to worry about that and we kept going. As we kept going we started passing a few people and some people even joined us.  When we got to the first waterpoint I rejoiced and thought it was a resting opportunity. Neezaam said, "no stopping, keep moving, you can do a brisk walk while you have your water." And then off we went again. The race had lots of hills so it did feel like torture, but I just kept at it. By now our group was about 10 people running together - and easy pace and planned short walks in between.  By the time we reached 12km I felt like I needed to give up, so I slowed down and cheated whenever Neezaam wasn't looking (I stole walks).

We had 500 metres to go and I was ready to quit. He said, "Are you mad? You're at the finish line??!!" I didn't care - I wanted to walk. But as we turned the corner I saw all the people cheering and my husband (he had already finished) standing ready to take a pic of me coming in. I don't know where the energy came from but I started running like the most confident person in the race - haha. i finished with my head held high and a medal in my hand - 2hrs12 minutes. And Neezaam told me our goal is to finish at 2hr15.

Even though I literally had a personal coach all the way, I was still proud because he said he was expecting me to complain at every kilometre that I wanted to stop - and I only started the complaints after 12km.

His feedback was that I can do Two Oceans but I will have to work hard and I'll have to to get to a 8-8:30 mins per km comfortable pace to manage.

Kit update
I bought a new pair of running shoes - I forgot to mention that in my first 10km race I wore orthotics - bad idea. I got a blister within 3km so I removed them. The blister went away but popped up again after the 15km Constantia run. So I got worried that this will happen at Two Oceans. I popped into the Adidas Outlet store and found a pair of shoes I've been eyeing for a while - not for running, but because I loved the colours - they're called Adidas Pureboost X. I wasn't willing to Pay R2500 for them, though. Lo and behold, two days later I'm in there again and it's marked R899 - woohoo!  I bought them and they are sooooo comfortable. One issue I have with them is that they come off too easily. Someone stepped on my heel while running and the shoe came right off. This also happened when I tripped on a speedbump. So I'm a bit concerned about this for race day - I believe the crowds are huge and I can't afford to have my shoes coming off. There's also no way to tie it like you normally tie running shoes.  I also bought a new pair of tights from New Balance in Access Park - they feel good.

*** After this race I switched to the "advanced" training groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays where they had a Two Oceans programme. I finished the 8-week beginners programme I mentioned earlier. Their programme divided runners into their ideal finishing time Two Oceans. So it's those who want to finish in under 2hrs (what??), 2h15 , 2h30, 2h45 and 3hr (this is the slowest group - where I am).

Bear in mind I joined this group when they were halfway through their training so I missed a lot of the essential training, like the Southern Cross route and all the LSD (long, slow distance) runs on weekends.

18 March - Ravensmead 15km
A week later I tackled this 15km flat race. The club decided they want to have the biggest bus (a bus is basically a big group of people running together at the same pace). They said the pace would be the same as the slowest group.  I STRUGGLED! I was convinced they were runnig way faster than our slow group pace. I thought the race would be a bit easier because it was all flat - not the case.  I kept up with the bus, just about. I was always at the back and always pushing to catch up. Again, at the end I managed to finish strong because I saw the crowd cheering our huge bus. We finished at 2h15.  I felt a bit despondent after this run - like I wasn't getting better.

21 March - track training at Vygieskraal
We spent the morning running around a field - starting out slowly, then pushing and giving 80% effort (fast for me) and then slowing down to walk to the start, then starting again. We did this 5 times (after a 5-lap warm up). This was tough - but I don't mind it too much because I know there's a break to walk - whereas with running a route or a race, you don't get a break.

26 March - my first LSD - 18km
We met at Green Point Urban Park and ran to Camps Bay, up Kloof Nek (a steep, long road). I enjoyed this run. I'm not sure if it was because the pace was doable or if I was just having a good day, but at no point did I wish I wasn't there...which was a first for me. When we got to around 16km I started struggling. I felt like just walking the rest. so I did a walk-run routine. This run made me feel more confident about Two Oceans.

After this run, everyone was encouraging me to do a race in Gordon's Bay the next weekend. It was a 21km race that was a good training run for Two Oceans. I didn't do it. Partly because I felt scared and partly because it was a mission to get there and arrange a babysitter and all that other admin.  I don't know if that was a bad move on my part but here I am with no 21km experience.

I then did the next LSD which was a 15km run from the club house (Rosebank) to Claremont, up Wynberg Hill and to Kirstenbosch Gardens top gate, then the 3km finish stretch of the Two Oceans run (to UCT) and then back to the Club House. It was tough. I ended up running the first part on my own because I fell behind on Wynberg Hill. A good taste of what's to come.

This brings me to my first race completely on my own:

9 April - Central Athletics Challenge - 10km
The race started out slowly because there are quite a few bottlenecks. Being the lazy person that I am, I didn't make an effort to pass it, I just went with it and enjoyed the walk because I was too afraid to start running.  Eventually I had to start. The first 3-4kms are always tough for me. It's the section where I want to give up and I feel like I'm not going to make it. Once I pass that phase I'm OK-ish. Before I knew it I saw the first waterpoint - 3km down... yay!  I saw a few buses that I was tempted to join but I ran past them and just kept going. By 6km I started feeling a but tired but I kept on. When I saw we only had 2km to go, I felt glad. But in any race, even 1km feels like forever. I checked the time and felt despondent again. I was already approaching 1hr15.  I finished the race at 1h30mins. When I got to the finish line it looked like everyone had already finished. It made me feel disappointed because I know I should have been faster.  Whether it was the walking at the beginning or the fact that I was just slow - I'll never know. Either way I got my medal and this was the last race before the big day.

We will do our last training on Tuesday 11 April (an easy 5km, they say). We'll see...

* The training was a 5km run but it was fast. So my muscles are aching a bit. Hopefully it'll recover for the weekend - because that brings us to the Two Oceans Marathon...

15 April - Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon (half)
Nerves, nerves, nerves. We're all lined up in Claremont Main Road singing the national anthem and it's almost 6am. I'm in the E seeding - so, right at the back. The gun goes at 6am and group A heads off. At 6:10am another gun goes and B, C and D head off. So now it's our turn. I'm feeling super emotional because I'm doing this big race on my own and everyone I know already started running at 6:10am.  And off we go...

It's a slow start with lots of walking in between because of the crowds, we head up Protea Drive towards Edinburgh Drive. No complaints...yet. As we get onto Edinburgh drive, the road just keeps getting steeper and steeper. This isn't ideal for me. We just started running and I'm not even warm..and I haven't found my rhythm yet.  I struggle up the hill and notice how I'm moving further and further to the back of the race. It's not looking good. I see one of the Itheko coaches come past me with a girl in my training group - he's helping her out and I think I should join them so that I can at least get out of this situation. I couldn't even keep up with them. By the time I reached the top of Wynberg Hill I felt like giving up and just getting an Uber home. While I was deciding what I'm going to do, I just kept running. I was wearing one of those bands that show you where you need to be in the race at particular times. I wasn't making the cut. I started noticing the crowd behind me thinning out and the sweeper car lurking in the background. I spotted a couple that looked like they knew what they were doing so I tried to run near them.

I eventually got to a loop where the people ahead of me were coming past me so I could see some people I recognised. As I got to round the corner, I ran the same way they were so now I could see all the people still coming on behind me. That's when I spotted the "Cut-off bus". This is the pace setter running with the people who want to make it for cut off (i.e. they want to finish the race, even if they come in a second before cut off).   This is when I decided I needed to pull up my socks. I needed to stay ahead of this bus, so that if I struggle later, I can still fall back to the bus. But if I run with the bus and can't keep up, then chances are I won't finish the race in time.

So I kept going. I ran Ladies Mile - it's all a blur because I just kept thinking about what lies ahead (Southern Cross). People always talk about how tough it is and this bothered me throughout the run - whether or not I can make it up there.  Once I reached the 10km mark, I knew the infamous road was just ahead. Bear in mind, I was already on 1hr32 minutes by now. If you do the math... it didn't look good for me making cut-off.

I reached Southern Cross Drive. I tried to keep a steady pace and just find a rhythm. It felt like I had a good plan but it didn't last long. After about 400 metres I needed to walk. I kept the walk-run routine for a few more minutes and then saw the 11km mark. This was exciting because I realised I already passed a kilometre of Southern Cross. I kept going at this pace and by some miracle, I made it to the top. With a lump in my throat and watery eyes I gave myself a nod of approval.  I remember my husband telling me I mustn't be fooled into thinking it's all downhill from here. So I kept that in mind, had some water and Coke from the stand and tried to pick up the pace a little. I figured, I managed Southern Cross - I might as well push to finish this race. The sun was out and it started getting a bit uncomfortable, but I just kept moving.

Once I reached the Rhodes Drive descent, I was on a mission. I started pushing downhill at a pace I never knew I could run. I started moving past so many people I saw ahead of me, and I smiled, and thought, "I'm actually doing this. I might just finish this race in time."  I started hearing people shout, "12 minutes to cut off at 18km"  This meant that if I didn't reach that point in 12 minutes, I wouldn't be allowed to continue. I figured I should reach that point a little sooner so that the time I have left means I have 10 minutes per kilometre till the end (30 minutes for 3 kilometres). This should be enough time for me to walk at certain points if I'm tired - because by this point I was knackered.  I passed the 18 kilometre mark and kept going. I needed to walk in between - I couldn't believe they'd make the end of this race filled with uphills!!

When I heard someone shouting, "Come on!! 1 more kilometre!!" I thought, "You've got this."  I started smiling again but this time it was an emotional I'm-going-to-cry smile. I couldn't believe I was reaching the entrance to UCT. I could hear the music and all the people cheering. I pulled myself together and started running like it was the easiest thing in the world (haha, things we do when there are spectators). I reached the grass and heard the cheers - I'm sad that I didn't even look around to take it all in. I just looked at the finish line and kept running towards it.

When I reached it I just started crying. And I still can't believe I made it. My time was 3 hours, 6 minutes. Not an amazing time by running standards - but for me it was a miracle!  I finished 4 minutes before cut-off. The feeling was amazing. I completed a Two Oceans Half Marathon - my first 21km run...ever.

The journey wasn't an easy one. I had to sacrifice a lot of time, arrange a lot of babysitters and my husband and I had to alternate some races and training days so that one of us is home with the little one. Our parents also sacrificed a lot of their time to look after our son while we attended races or when we trained till late. I can't remember when last I had a full week of cooking - we ate at our folks' houses a lot of the time because we were tired or just didn't have time to prepare meals.   So none of this came easily.  But I'm glad that this four-month sacrifice paid off and I achieved my goal and my husband beat the time he wanted to do.

Do I love running? I can't say I love it. I don't mind it. I still curse myself while I'm doing it. But the feeling after you finish something you were never able to do before, is what makes you keep going back.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. I wish you well on yours, if you ever choose to embark on it.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Halaal restaurants in Cape Town

**Last updated 29 March 2021

This is my list of halaal restaurants/cafés in Cape Town. Feel free to add ones I don't know about or let me know if the status of any of these has changed. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that towards the bottom (below the line) are other restaurants (not halaal certified) that have meat from halaal suppliers. I've added these because it may be useful to some (like employers wanting to give a work function that caters for all their staff). Please call and confirm either way as things may have changed.

*I'll upload pics as I get them.

Image supplied

Coffee Cream
 is a book shop/cafe with an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. They even offer a variety of mocktails, milkshakes and hot drinks (including great coffee). While you're waiting for your meal, you can browse the selection of books for sale as well. 
Shop 4, 19 Golf Course Road, Sybrand Park. Tel 021-697-0517. @coffeecreamco

Image supplied

Rumi Cafe is a delightful cafe in Pinelands. The menu offers a great variety of light meals, grills, breakfast and even desserts (the pancakes are a favourite). 
Monday - Thursday 07h15 - 18h00
Friday - Saturday 07h15 - 21h00
Sunday 07h15 - 15h00
33 Central Square, Pinelands @rumicafe_cpt 

Lekker Dite
 is home to a local favourite - the roti gatsby.  It's exactly what the name describes: all the fillings of a gatsby, lovingly wrapped in a huge roti. They also have a selection of burgers, pizzas and even pizza pies. They're open daily, except Sundays. 
160 Dennegeur Avenue, Strandfontein. Tel 079-010-4771, @_lekker_dite

Famous Bean Cafe caught me off guard in Howard Centre, Pinelands. It's a quaint little cafe serving burgers and other light meals. The coffee is the star of the show at this eatery so it's great for meetings, catch-ups, breakfast or lunch.
Ground Floor, Pinelands. Tel 067-240-9749

Image by Flamed Burger

Flamed Burger isn't a big cafe, but what they lack in size, they make up for in taste. They do burgers as well as other dishes - do yourself a favour and order onion rings with your dish. It's not the kind of place you would mission to get to, but if you're in the area, stop by; you won't be disappointed.
61 Long Street, Cape Town. Tel 062-860-7267

Kahve Road is a great coffee catch-up spot. I've only ever had breakfast at Kahve and I've never been disappointed. It's a big space but the eating only takes up 30% of the cafe, so get there early to get a spot. A branch has opened in Somerset West as well. 
Cavendish Square, Dreyer Street, Claremont. Tel 021-671-1607
Somerset Mall, Somerset West.  Tel 021-851-0326

EatStanbul (by Saray) is a restaurant under the Saray Restaurant umbrella. As the name suggests, the food is a selection of great Turkish, specifically Istanbul dishes. As with Saray, you can also order shisha here. It feels like an authentic Turkish experience, with the mosaic tiles, blue walls and Turkish lamps - just add the food and you're practically in Istanbul.
64 Kloof St, Gardens.Tel 021-422-1989

Saray Restaurant in De Waterkant serves Turkish and Kurdish dishes including mains, light meals and desserts. You can also order shisha pipes. Their opening hours are great for a CBD spot (they close at 23h00 on weekends and 22h00 week days). 
Harbour Edge Building, 10 Hospital Street, De Waterkant. Tel 021-418-1609

Image by Dr Omar Omar
Andalousse Moroccan Cuisine specialises in authentic Moroccan dishes. Expect to see tajine, harira soup, couscous dishes, and, of course, Moroccan mint tea to wash it all down. I've been to the branch in Woodstock - you have to look really carefully as it's easy to miss. They've opened another branch in Sea Point in May 2019, serving the same tasty dishes. The food is lovely - you have to add it to your must-visit list. 
148 Victoria Road, Woodstock  & 72 Regent Street, Sea Point. Tel 021-447-1708

Image supplied by Col'Cacchio

Col'Cacchio, Canal Walk
is the first fully halaal branch in the Western Cape and their offerings are similar to the original menu with a few tasty tweaks here and there. I tried the Smokey Babe pizza ( I don't really like meat but this was offered to me at the time) and I was pleasantly surprised. The smokey rib was soft and tasty and I like that there was coriander and mint as toppings as well. It gave it an interesting twist. Ingredients: Asian deboned smoked beef ribs, rosso onion, corn, mint, spring onion, coriander.  I'd definitely go back and I like that there are more options than your stand halaal offerings like the "Tikka chicken and mushroom" you get on every other menu. There's a selection of mocktails - I had a peach crush ( like a virgin daiquiri - not sure what its actual name was) - all very refreshing.
Lower Level, Entrance 3, Canal Walk. Tel 021-551-1658 

Col'Cacchio, V&A Waterfront is certified halaal and its location right at the front of the Victoria Wharf means it has dining with great views. 
Shop 7205, Victoria Wharf, V & A Waterfront. Tel 021-418 -265

Pic courtesy of Hilton Hotel
126 Cape Kitchen & Cafe at the Hilton Hotel is something else. Apart from their exquisite dining options, they also offer teas tastings daily (R85pp), cooking and baking master classes (booking essential) and chef's table experiences (where you see the chefs in action preparing your dish. 
Hilton Cape Town City Centre, Buitengracht Street, Cape Town CBD.  Tel 021-481-3700.

Mugg & Bean is a well known spot specifically for breakfast, cakes, coffee and light lunch. The branch in Kenilworth Centre is halaal certified and serves the same generous selection as other branches, with variations on the menu where applicable. 
Shop 120, Food Court, Kenilworth Centre, Doncaster Road, Kenilworth. Tel 021-674-2226

Panarottis serves pizzas, pastas and other light meals. The branch in Kenilworth Centre (halaal) has a nice kiddies play areas so this is a great family-friendly option.
Keniworth Centre, Doncaster Road, Kenilworth. Tel 021-671-6808

Montasio in Sea Point specialises in pizza but they serve light meals like sandwiches, burger and pasta as well. On weekends they operate till 04h00 and during the week they're open till 02h00.
126 Main Road, Sea Point. Tel 021-439-5527 

The Venue Elegance Express is a great venue for private functions or even just a casual walk-in lunch. They have regular ribs and wings specials and an array of dishes and desserts. I've been to a function at this venue and if the catering was anything to go by, the menu items will be delicious. 
340 Imam Haron Road, Lansdowne. Tel 021-204-4714  

Dulce Cafe in Kenilworth Centre has every kind of hot and cold drink you can think of - smoothies, lattes, freezos, milkshakes, teas, coffees and everything inbetween. They're cleverly situated for your mid-shopping break, because we all know how crazy Kenilworth Centre can get. They serve all-day breakfasts, pastas, wraps, sandwiches and desserts. 
Shop 38 Kenilworth Centre, Doncaster Road, Kenilworth. Tel 021-683-0669

Saddles Steak Ranch in Bellville is a fully halaal family-friendly restaurant with an extensive menu ranging frm steaks and grills to light meals and desserts. 
Corner of Bill Bezuidenhout Avenue and Voortrekker Road, Bellville. Tel 021-949-1736  

Syriana is a Syrian/Middle Eastern Restaurant that serves well known dishes like falafels, schwarmas and other favourites, but also dishes you may not have heard of. You won't miss an opportunity to Instagram your pics of your food since there are phone chargers at each table. You can also orders shisha pipes. It's a popular hangout spot for those wanting a night out. 
307 Main Road, Sea Point. Tel 021-434-1020

Mazaari Restaurant is just opposite the Protea Fire and Ice Hotel and next to Afrogem. They serve everything from burgers, to curries, grills and seafood. There are also dessert and starter options, mocktails and other drinks to choose from. 
189 Buitengracht St, Gardens. Tel 021-707-1001

The Home Blend Cafe in Lansdowne is a little cafe available to clients at the adjacent beauty salon and hairdresser. At first glance the place doesn't look like much from the outside, but you will be pleasantly surprised once you enter. Have your hair done, get a massage and then treat yourself to breakfast or lunch. They have some affordable specials as well as discounts for pensioners. You can also buy gift vouchers. The menu includes light meals like scones and heavier dishes like burgers and pasta and even salmon. Full price lists are available on their Facebook page.
556 Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne. Tel 078-557- 8743
The Home Blend Cafe

The Butcher's Wife is a  pizza, pasta and grills joint in Belgravia Road. It's a casual set up with take-away and sit-down options. All meat and poultry is sourced from their very own halaal butchery (Pickers Meat Centres). The look and feel is industrial meets rustic, with blackboard menus and exposed brick walls, with a cosy touch in the quaint coffee mugs and stacked firewood.
15 Belgravia Road, Athlone. Tel 021-696-2007

Spitfire Chicken and Grill is not the kind of place you'd think to order a salad - but I did, and I enjoyed it. I loved that the staff members were helpful and friendly. I asked the assistant, "Is ordering a chicken salad a waste of time (implying that I should rather get a proper chicken meal)." He didn't even flinch, and said, "It's actually an investment, it's healthy and it's really good."  SOLD!  The chicken is tasty ( I had lemon and herb) and the portion was more than enough for me. I didn't use the salad dressing because the chicken made the salad tasty enough. Other meals include full chickens, grills, prawns and ribs. Watch their Facebook page for regular specials.
Kromboom Convenience Centre, Cnr Jan Smuts and Kromboon Road, Rondebosch East (next to Woolworths). Tel 021-697-0483

Pic by Spice Box
Spice Box is a burger joint that specialises in gourmet burgers, boeries, corn on the cob and gourmet lemonades. They operate every Saturday from 17h30 till late, and you may have seen them at some markets and events as well. They also cater at functions with the option of either a braai or burger stand. I can vouch for the creamy mushroom burger - it's amazing. There are other options like the chilli nacho, Hawaiian chilli and cheesy jalapeno burgers. Orders may be placed via WhatsApp.
84 Tussen Road, Rylands (take-away). Tel 072-575-5755. For updates, check their Facebook page and Instagram (@the_spice_box )

Pic by IzzyBurger

The Izzy Burger wasn't always sit-down cafe, it was a pop-up burger spot that has since gained popularity on the burger scene. Burgers are super tasty and it's one of my favourites on weekends. 
121 Ottery Road, Wynberg.
Tel: 081-763-5377

Pic by Jango Cafe
Jango Cafe, is a well known burger food truck with mouthwatering options. I generally just have the burgers but I'm told the ribs are out of this world.  Keep track of their Instagram and Facebook pages to see where they'll be next.
71 6th Avenue, Rondebosch East. Tel 079-785-3951

Smokey and Co does ribs and wood-fired pizzas in Sybrand Park. You will have to keep an eye on their Facebook and other social media to keep track of trading hours, specials and availability as you'll have to pre-order.
19 Golf Course Road, Sybrand Park. Tel 083-737-6361

Pic by Rack n Grill 
Rack 'n Grill used to be a mobile food truck but become quite busy and popular, so they've now opened a shop in Claremont. Watch their Facebook page as well as Instagram for updates. They sell burgers as well as ribs. I've queued for the burgers, and it's worth the wait.
62 Belvedere Road, Claremont
Tel: 073-918-2527

Steelies Fast Foods was a home-based burger joint operating on a WhatsApp and phone ordering system. Now they're operating from a shop at the Waterfront. Head to their website to get your mouth watering then reward yourself by trying on of their gatsbies. They sell flame-grilled burgers, gatsbies and masala steak sandwiches.
Quay 7, East Pier, V&A Waterfront. Tel 082-922-1131
Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.

Jassiem Grill Shack is a home-based takeaway joint that, like most of the other similar spots, only operate on weekends. Place orders via WhatsApp or phone Friday 15h00 to 21h00 or Saturdays 12h30 to 21h00. Where else would you find a "Jas Burger"?  Other menu items include boerewors rolls, grilled chicken, burgers and grills. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.
31 Hamden Avenue, Kensington. Tel 084-528-1988

The Nachos on Fire is a food truck that serves mexican favourites like nachos, chilli poppers and burritos. You'll find them at various market and events so watch their Facebook Page and Twitter for updates.
Tel 076-714-3031

Hot Fusion sells bunny chow, curries and fries - and by fries I mean masala fries, peri-peri fries, garlic mayo fries and cheese fries. There are also burgers and toasted sandwiches. It's a small eatery with some tables inside but a good deal if you want Indian food at a good price. 
Shop 8, Fountain Centre, Corner of Main Road and Grotto Road, Rondebosch. Tel 076-918-1638

Alhambra Restaurant & Coffee Shop next to Islamia Mosque in Lansdowne/Rondebosch is fully halaal and the prices are reasonable. They have a selection of chicken, seafood, meat and pasta dishes, and also serve burgers and wraps. There's also a breakfast menu and dessert options.
409 Lansdowne Road, Rondebosch East. Tel 021-824-0732


Alhambra @ the the Market Deli has breakfast options for early risers, as well as all-day dining for the rest of us. The location may put you throw you a bit but the food and atmosphere will pleasantly surprise you. The quality is the same as you'd expect from Alhambra at Islamia. 
Unit 10 Salt River Circle, Salt River. Tel 021-447-2656

Cafe Shisha is now the location of the popular snooker spot, Narans. You can smoke shisha, order burgers, play pool, have decent (Truth) coffee and just chill at this entertainment joint. Other meals include grilled sandwiches, butter chicken and nachos. They're closed on Mondays, open 17h30 - 22h30 Tuesday to Thursday, 17h30 till late on Fridays, 14h00 till late on Saturdays and 16h00 till 22h30 on Sundays.
12 Polaris Road, Lansdowne. Tel 073-142-8875

At The Village Buffet you can eat as much as you like and drinks are also unlimited. There is, however, a maximum seating time of two hours. This means you have 120 minutes to eat and drink as much as you like for R150 per person (rate on 31 March 2016). Everything is strictly halaal and dishes include a variety of salads, soup, ribs, chicken, calamari, prawns, pasta and loads more. They're open seven days a week from 11h00 till 00h00.
102 Long Street, Cape Town. Tel 021-422-2419

Captain Corndog is a mobile food trailer and the only halaal corndog vendor in the Western Cape. You can find them at festivals or hire them for events. They do the traditional dog, cheese and   ostrich corndogs, as well as tornado potatoes (those spiral potatoes with spice). Other menu items include gourmet hot dogs (seven different varieties, Italian beef sandwiches, Philly cheese steak sandwiches, tacos, tater tots, homemade burgers, deep-fried Oreos (whaaaat?) and chocolate corn dogs.
Tel 081-376-4167 (Yusuf and Zaheera Seedat)

Malay Coffee Company in the CBD doesn't have much seating for now, but you can order homemade takeaway dishes. There are plans to include more seating so watch this space. Order coffee and toasted sandwiches or Cape Malay dishes like akhni and salomies – all at reasonable prices (like R30–R40 for lasagne and R15–R20 for coffee).
214 Loop Street, Cape Town. Tel 060-390-0057

Batavia Cafe is in Bo-Kaap (where Haas used to be).  It's a small spot with quirky decor (and a section to buy design items). There's a courtyard that's nice if you prefer a bit of privacy. The menu's got a selection of breakfast options including a 'crafty board' which is a DIY board that includes eggs and toast and a selection of whatever else you choose. Lunch includes open sandwiches and salads and there are some desserts including koesiesters. 
They're open 08h00 till 17h00.
114 Church Street, Bo-Kaap. Tel 021-422-2272

Caturra Coffee Bar has chalkboard menus with the daily offerings scattered about, and the owner – a trained chef – has added a rustic feel to the place and the food. They serve breakfast and lunch daily. The menu's smaller but there's something for even the fussiest diner. Their pasta is homemade and apparently the prego roll is really good. They're open Monday to Sundays from 07h30. Week days and Sundays they close at 16h00 and Fridays and Saturdays at 21h00. Dishes are very well presented and tasty - I felt the breakfast to be on the more expensive side, though.
315 Main Road, Sea Point. Tel 021-300-5909

Picture courtesy of Sabrias
Sabria's Restaurant in Wynberg leans towards fine dining, the restaurant is airy, inviting and it's definitely suitable for a special occasion. They're open for breakfast (with croissants, salmon, yoghurt, fruit...the works) and they do a Sunday buffet lunch. I love the look of the place and I can see that this will soon become a favourite with the foodies. 
119 Ottery Road, Wynberg. Tel 021-797-2498 

Pearl Spoon
Pearl Spoon is definitely high on my list as a recent favourite. It's where Friends Cafe in Claremont/Rondebosch used to be (next to the garage in Belvedere Road). The decor is elegant and tasteful and the waiters and staff are friendly and helpful.  As you enter, the range of sweet treats arranged in bell jars will have you wanting to skip your main meal and head straight to dessert. Food is well presented and tasty and there's a nice variety to suit all tastes. I had the smoked salmon and egg croissant for breakfast and will be back to try a lunch option. The couch area is great for mini get-togethers. They're fully halaal. 
44 Belvedere Road, Claremont. Tel 073-708-7802
UPDATE - Pearl Spoon is now also in Observatory  – corner of Cranco and Lower Main Road. Tel 073-708-7802

Woodstock Caffe sells burgers and apparently amazing pizzas - you can also build your own. I've never been and can't find much info on it but will update as soon as I can. 
65 Victoria Road, Woodstock. Tel 021-447-0417 

Woodies Burgers is a take-away spot (with seating) that specialises in burgers...and specifically the big tower-like ones. I've tried the creamy mushroom and green pepper burger and it was really tasty. There are other variations that look equally good. The burgers are really cheesy and the portions are big.  
Corner of Belvedere Road and Keurboom Road, Claremont. Tel 079-125-7228 

Tunisian Delights is a stall within Market on the Wharf at the Waterfront. They've got schwarmas and falafels (my favourite here) and it's a nice alternative to the usual stuff you'll have. The sandwiches (or paninis) have interesting variations of toppings and these are toasted so what you get is a melty mozzarella (and meat of some sort) treat. The rest is Middle Eastern salads to compliment your order and they even have baklava as a dessert.
Market on the Wharf, V&A Waterfront. 

Food Asia has a similar setup to Food Inn and Easter Food Bazaar where you select your dish and pay at a separate counter - canteen style. There's plenty of seating and it's open 24 hours a day. The food options include sizzlers, Indian dishes, Asian dishes like hakka noodles, Turkish food, hot dogs, gatsby and sandwiches. There's also a range of desserts (of the sweet meats variety) and milkshakes. It's not the kind of place you'd go to for a special occasion but if you're out and about it's nice for a quick bite. 217 Long Street, Cape Town. Tel 021-424-3558.

Dodge City Diner in Rondebosch East has the same setup and feel as the branches that used to be at the Waterfront and Kenilworth Centre but a bit smaller. I ordered the V8 burger and it's still as juicy and tasty as I remember. The vibe is casual and nice as a hangout spot. The staff members are all very friendly and attentive. The menu has grills, burgers, lighter meals and starters.
Kromboom Road, Rondebosch East. Tel 084-786-0806.

Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights is really cool as a hangout spot. It's actually more of a shisha (hookah/okkah pipe) lounge with lots of Bedouin features like curtained booths with couches and cushions covered in patterned material. Pipes come in regular flavours and there are other special blends like Bombay Twist (a mix of fruit and mint). 
Meals are limited to tikka and sandwiches but these definitely won't disappoint and are perfect for social gatherings. The milkshakes are worth mentioning - the Layers milkshake is a good option if you're adventurous. It's a colourful layered mix of Strawberry, avo and mango flavours.  
Booths look like they can seat up to 10 people and there are two smaller booths, perfect for two. If you'd prefer a bigger variety of meals and desserts, head next door to Rossini (review below). Metro Food Centre, Shop 4, 104 Kromboom Road, Rondebosch East (on the side of Kromboom Bridge).

Rossini is a coffee shop in Rondebosch East that serves light meals. The waffles and pancakes are huge so try not to eat too much food if you're planning to have dessert. The tikka dishes are really good. It's a nice place for a bigger group as well because they can move tables around to accommodate you. Metro Food Centre, 104 Kromboom Road, Rondebosch East (on the side of Kromboom Bridge). Tel 021-696-5422.

Burger King opened in Cape Town in March 2013. The setup of the place is nice for families as there are games, a basketball court and lots of space for roaming. As the name implies, they serve burgers. The burgers, for me, are along the lines of McDonald's in terms of quality. It's a bit more pricey and people often compare it to Steers - I don't think it comes close (quality). The taste - it's not bad. The best part of the Burger King experience is the bottomless drinks.

Jewel of India sells curries, tandoori dishes and desserts. I haven't been and don't know much about the portions and quality. I'll update as soon as I've been. 102 Corner of Wale and Rose Street, Bo-Kaap. Tel 021-424-7588.

Mumbai Cafe sells India and Cape Malay dishes. I haven't been and don't know much about the portions and quality. I'll update as soon as I've been. It's part of the same group that owns Jewel of India in Wale Street. Shop 4 Klipfontein Road, Rylands. Tel 021-637-9846.

Food Inn India is an informal eatery with a setup where you pay for your food at one counter then fetch your order at the relevant section. They have curries, naan bread, Chinese food and Capetonian favourites like gatsbies and toasted sandwiches.The branch in the CBD is open almost 24 hours daily, which really comes in handy for late nights out. The other branch (in Rondebosch) is open till 10pm.If you haven't already, try the prawn hakka noodles - one of my favourites.
156 Long Street, Cape Town. Tel 021-422-5060
Riverside Mall, Rondebosch. Tel 082-053-2098 

The Food Kart can be found in the go-karting facility at Canal Walk. They're on the mezzanine level in the parking lot. They sell burgers, sandwiches, wraps and various baskets. Tel 021-525-1720

District Cafe
District Cafe in Woodstock is small but cosy and elegant. The menu has a range of breakfast, light meals, desserts, milkshakes and other drinks and the cupcakes are divine (red velvet). The decor is tasteful and modern with earthy tones and colourful scatter cushions. They also do steaks (tasty) and have a delivery service for orders of R100 or more (only for places in the immediate surrounds).  It's open till 18h00 daily but till 22h00 on weekends.
Roodebloem Road, Woodstock. Tel 021-447-3444 

The Lounge on Kromboom in Rondebosch East serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts and is also a okkah smoking lounge. The wraps taste like homemade food with a 'smoortjie-like' taste with some melted cheese in. If you're not very hungry, this is a good option. There's also a sushi counter in the semi-outdoor deck (smoking allowed here). The restaurant is closed on Mondays. 
Kromboom Road, above Woolworths, corner of Kromboom and Jan Smuts Drive. Tel 021-696-9719.

Atlantic Express
Atlantic Express Cake & Coffee Train is that blue train restaurant you must have seen in Sea Point. You literally have your food in a stationary train. The prawn chaat is quite popular and for good reason. The setup is very intimate and because it's in the train, the seating can't be moved around, so I wouldn't recommend a function unless you manage to book the whole train. The food is really good. I've been a few times and order something different every time, so I don't have any favourites just yet. The place is generally very busy on weekends so don't be surprised if you have to wait for a table. It's worth the wait though. Open till midnight on weekends. 18 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town. Tel 021-439-3038

Biesmiellah is a popular Bo-Kaap spot and long-standing favourite.
Wale Street - you can't miss it, Cape Town. Tel 021-423-0850

Bo-Kaap Kombuis in Bo-Kaap (duh) has curries and all sorts of typical Cape Malay food. They've got a pretty decent view of Table Mountain if you sit on the balcony or near the window. 
7 August Street on Upper Wale Street, Bo-Kaap. Tel 021-422-5446

Eastern Food Bazaar has a variety of food from uhm...the EAST. Their prices are extremely reasonable - I'm talking butter chicken for something like R30. They've got breyanis, curries, spicy chicken, Chinese food, shawarmas and ice-cream and desserts. The setup is cafeteria-style so don't expect elegant and classy. The food's good though.
96 Longmarket Street. Cape Town. Tel 021-461-2458

Mariam's Kitchen isn't really a restaurant, it's more like one of the most popular take-aways in the CBD. Well known for their gatsby variations and steak sandwiches, you won't be disappointed with a lunch break here.
33 Heeragracht Foreshore, Cape Town. Tel 021-421-3737
58 Strand Street, Cape Town. Tel 021-421-3636 

Jimmy's Killer Prawns in Canal walk guessed it, killer prawns. Their other dishes include burgers, steaks, sushi and various platters. 
Shop 71A, Canal Walk. Tel 021-552-5000

Ladybee Delhi Diner - Weigh what you want to eat, and pay. Simple as that. There are veggies, pastas, curries and breyani dishes and you can have whatever you like.
St Peter’s Square, Observatory. Tel 021-447-6558
Kromboom Road, Rondebosch East. Tel 021-696-4800
Epping Industria. Tel 021-535-5777
Zewenwacht Mall, Kuilsriver. Tel 021-906-0080
Westgate Mall, Mitchell's Plain. Tel 021-371-7050

Tashreeqa’s Coffee and Cake Emporium has light meals, cake and coffee at its well-known spot in Rondebosch East.
Kromboom Centre, Kromboom Road, Rondebosch East. Tel 021-696-1005

Taj Mahal - If you're up for the drive then this restaurant in Hout Bay makes for a great day out. They serve seafood and Indian dishes and are also popular for events and large groups.
Shop 4, Rawoot Centre, 44 Victoria Avenue, Hout Bay. Tel 021-790-4711

Primi Caffè sells most of the stuff that normal Primi Piattis have but with varied ingredients (because it's halaal). The food is consistently good and I've never had something I didn't like. They sell red velvet cupcakes - that aren't cheap - but they're definitely one of the best I've tasted. I'd recommend you add that to your order. It's not a full-sized Primi so either come early to get a spot for supper or do takeaways.
Shop 8 Rosmead Centre 67 Rosmead Avenue Kenilworth. Tel 021-671-5126/7

Cosy Corner is no stranger to the southern suburbians. They have a selection of Malay dishes and some western favourites as well. It's essentially a take-away spot so if you want to sit down and enjoy a meal, Sabria's Restaurant (same location) is where you'll eat.
119 Ottery Road, Wynberg. Tel 021-797-2498

Spur Steak Ranches - there are five branches in Cape Town that are fully halaal.
Golden Feather Spur,Vangate Mall. Tel 021-633-7484
Eagle Eye Spur -  St Peter's Square, Observatory. Tel 021-448-0921
Twin Peak Spur, Ottery Hypermarket. Tel 021-703-0019
Rodeo Spur, Warwick Street, Claremont (not the one in Cavendish Square). Tel 021-683-3860
Tomahawk Spur, 67 Voortrekker Road, Goodwood. Tel 02-591-8815
Topeka Spur, Shop 125 Kenilworth Shopping Centre, Doncaster Road. Tel 021-671-6191

Myatt cafe latte

Myatt Cafe and Chocolatier has macaroons!!! Delicious ones at that. Apart from their yummy teatime treats, they also have breakfasts and light lunches. None of the traditional stuff though. Check it out. No alcohol served and staff confirm it's halaal.
Shop 6244, Victoria Wharf, V&A Waterfront. Tel 021-418-8844 

Nino's in Rondebosch Village is fully halaal and open for breakfast and lunch. Their breakfast specials are worth a try - especially the breakfast stack. Their regular prices are a bit on the steep side but the food's good.
Klipfontein Road (opposite Red Cross Hospital). Tel 021-685-4867

La Rocca in Canal Walk Shopping Centre serves quite a variety of dishes from sushi to pastas, burgers and wraps. The prices are reasonable and the service is quite good for such a large store. I'd recommend the nachos if you're going to have a starter. It's a bit spicy (I have a low tolerance for hot stuff) but it's really tasty.
Shop 10, Canal Walk (opposite Woolworths). Tel 021-555-0909

Zaika Tandoor in Kromboom Road is fully halaal and offers a range of curries and breyanis. They also sell tikka gatsbys but instead of having a regular one, pay R10 extra to have your fillings wrapped in naan bread. You will NOT regret it! 
8 Kromboom Road, Rondebosch East. Tel 021-697-3084

Roman's Pizza makes it really well and have cool specials (at the moment buy one, get one free. July 2011)
Corner of Klipfontein and Murton Roads, Athlone. Tel 021-637-2146 
14 Long Street, Cape Town. Tel 021-421-8761
Shop 190, Promenade, Mitchell's Plain. Tel 021-376-7447
Kauai is generally set up as a takeaway cafe, or at least it looks that way, but there are branches with seating. It's certified halaal since 1996 but I've been told that there are branches in JHB that have bacon. I need to verify this.
Branches countrywide.
Bibi's Kitchen has Indian dishes including rogan gosh and other delicious meals. 
Broad Road, Broadmed Centre, Wynberg. Tel 021-761-8365 

Pearl of India serves aromatic Indian dishes. 
Shop 75, Vangate Mall, Vanguard Drive, Rylands. Tel 021-637-5152

St Elmos has pizza, pasta, desserts and salads. Halaal branches include
Athlone - 15 Belgravia Road, Belgravia, Athlone. Tel 021-696-2007
Claremont - Cnr Belevdere and Lansdowne Roads, Claremont. Tel 021-674-9000
Woodstock - Fairview House Cnr Victoria & Argyle Streets Woodstock. Tel 021-447-8604

Fish on the Rocks in Hout Bay is a longstanding favourite in Cape Town and is very popular over weekends in summer. It's more a cafe than an actual restaurant - be willing to queue for your food but the wait is definitely worth it. You'll find the usual fish and chips and other seafood options.
1 Harbour Road, Hout Bay. Tel 021-790-0001.

Snoekies, a popular fish and chips takeaway in Hout Bay sells a variety of seafood parcels and you won't be disappointed - as long as you're willing to queue (particularly on weekends) as you would at most of the establishments on the harbour. 
Inside the Harbour, at the end. Tel 021-790-1867. 

Simply Asia (Kenilworth) is a Thai restaurant/takeaways that makes noodles and other Thai dishes. You'll find that most branches don't have a seating area as they're usually in food courts, but this branch has a fully serviced sit-down area. Popular dishes include the 514 (roasted chilli paste and cashew nut noodles) and most other noodle dishes, but don't overlook the rice dishes, they're just as good. For starters, I'd recommend you share the 6-piece combo platter, a mix of vegetable spring rolls, chicken spring rolls and and sweetcorn cakes. The Kenilworth, Waterfront and Cape Gate branches are fully halaal. 
61A Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth. Tel 021-674-5175 

Ocean Basket in Vangate Mall is fully halaal and serves the same dishes the other branches have. This branch is certified halaal and has no alcohol. 
Shop 76, Vangate Mall, Vanguard Drive, Athlone. Tel 021-633-6716

These are places that aren't certified halaal, either because they serve alcohol or for some other reason, but staff have confirmed that the meat they use is from a halaal supplier. Some places may use alcohol in their dishes so be wary and make sure you know exactly what goes into the dish. I've had a lot of feedback from people disagreeing with me adding this section - I think you can use your discretion when deciding where to eat. I'm not promoting any of the places - it's here for your information - use it, don't use it.

On The Square is the restaurant at The Capetonian (hotel) opposite the CTICC. Everyone just calls the restaurant 'The Capetonian' though. The hotel serves alcohol so cannot be certified. 
Corner of Adderley and Coen Steytler, Cape TownTel 021-405-5670

Seelan has a nice view of the pier and Table Mountain from its upmarket setting at the Waterfront. Dishes are described as Italian dishes with a touch of African and Indian inspired meals. The prawn curry is said to be the favourite and signature dishes also include the fish or beef tagliata. Meat is from a halaal supplier (confirmed by Kyle Krok of CSA communications) but there is a bar onsite.
Shop 8, Quay 5, V&A Waterfont. Tel 021-421-4906.

NV-80 is the sister restaurant to Pigalle. The setting is upmarket but relaxed and the vibe is more laid back than I expected. Waiters seat you and put a napkin on your lap - so it's that kind of place. It's by no means a stiff and uptight place, though. Waiters are very knowledgable about what's on the menu and service is quick and efficient. The food...oh my, the food. I'm not a huge meat eater so I went for the salmon - delish!  My friends all had steaks and reckon it's one of the best they've ever had in Cape Town. At first I thought the prices looked quite steep but for what you get, in terms of the whole package - service, food and setting, it's worth it. Meat is from a halaal supplier, but wine is served on the premises. 
The Point, 76 Regent Road, Shop 8, First Floor, Sea Point (In the same building as Checkers). Tel 021-439-7112.

The Avenue Restaurant and Grill is famed for its delicious steaks. I'm told their steaks are really, really good and the owners have confirmed the all the meat used in the kitchen are from halaal suppliers. If, like me, you're not big on steaks, they do cater for chicken-lovers and vegetarians as well. The chicken kebabs are tasty and the portion is big. You must have the Nutella milkshake if you have space for it. Alcohol is served on the premises. 47, 2nd Avenue, Harfield Village. Tel 021-671-0623.

Passage to India has curries, kebabs, vegetarian dishes and Indian sweet treats. They're open for lunch and dinner every day. I haven't been to this restaurant but will appreciate feedback or I'll update if I go. The other restaurants in this chain (Jewel of India and Mumbai Cafe) are fully halaal and this branch uses the same supplier, they are however licensed to sell alcohol. Shop 2 Caranaby Centre Marine Circle, Bloubergstrand. Tel 021-557-5524.

Beluga serves meat from a halaal supplier in their restaurant but are licenced to sell alcohol. Their sushi menu is awesome. My favourites are tuna crunch rolls and Carin's rolls - especially on half-price days (daily 12-6pm and Sundays all day). They have a wide variety of non-alcoholic cocktails (mocktails) and in terms of dessert, you can't go wrong with the white chocolate beignets (Flash fried Lindt balls, vanilla bean icecream and butterscotch sauce). The prawn and coriander wontons are worth a try too. 
The Foundry, Prestwich Street, Green Point. Tel 021-418-2948

Bukhara has Indian food (from halaal meat supplier) but they serve alcohol and one branch is at Grand West Casino.
33 Church Street, Cape Town. Tel 021-424-0000
Grand West. Tel 021-535-4444
Corner of Dorp and Bird Street, Stellenbosch. Tel 021-882-9133

Haiku is owned and run by the same people who own Bukhara, and they serve Asian dishes.
33 Church Street, Cape Town. Tel 021-424-7000

Cape Town Fish Market serves seafood, grills and sushi. They also do breakfast now. They serve alcohol.
They've got various branches that can be viewed here.

Annapurna has North Indian dishes using meat from a halaal supplier. They serve alcohol.
La Piazza, Canal Walk. Tel  021-555-3595
RG's Kabab Mahal's menu consists of various Indian dishes. They serve alcohol. 
315 Main Road, Sea Point. Tel 021-434-0008
Ari's Souvlaki makes their famous shawarmas and other popular Greek dishes. It's casual, cheap and cheerful.
83a Regent Road, Seapoint. Tel 021-439-6683
Chai Yo is a Thai restaurant specialising in Thai dishes and sushi. They serve alcohol. Take-away offered. Chai Yo is part of the same group Simply Asia belongs to (Cape Thai Restaurants Holdings).
65 Klipfontein Road, Mowbray. Tel 021-689-6157

Anatoli Turkish Restaurant uses meat from a halaal supplier and doesn't use alcohol in their food. They do sell alcohol on the premises.
24 Napier Street, Greenpoint. Tel 021-419-2501

Anatoli's Express is right next to Anatoli Turkish Restaurant (same owner) and their meat is supplied by a halaal meat supplier - Jolly Meat in Mitchell's Plain (owned by Allie Logday). They serve traditional breakfasts and lunches daily till 16h00. There is alcohol on the premises but none used in the food or preparation thereof.
24 Napier Street, Greenpoint. Tel 021-419-2501

Kushi Indian Restaurant has a Bollywood lounge where you can chill and smoke hubbly bubbly or a restaurant where you can enjoy Indian cuisine. Meat is from a halaal supplier. They serve alcohol.
Shop 7, Red Sails, Main Road, Hout Bay. Tel 021-791-4805 
There's a branch in Sea Point as well ( 315 Main Road) Tel 073-509-1742

Bihari Indian Restaurant has North Indian meals with meat from a halaal supplier. Alcohol is served.
Main Road, Newlands. Tel 021-674-7186

Yindees has authentic Thai dishes and the setting (in a house) is gorgeous. No alcohol is used in the food, meat is from a halaal supplier. Alcohol is served.
22 Camp Street (opposite Jan van Riebeeck High School), Gardens. Tel 021-422-1012

Mesopotamia is a well-known Kurdish restaurant often used for functions or big dinners. They have belly dancers on most nights and upstairs you can enjoy a hookah pipe.  Menu only has meat from halaal supplier. Alcohol served.
Corner of Long and Church Streets, Cape Town. Tel 021-424-4664
Barans Theatre Restaurant has a similar setup to Mesopotamia with its belly dancers and Kurdish cuisine (They're part of the same group). On the bottom floor is a coffee shop with light meals and the main restaurant is upstairs. You can also have a hookah pipe at this spot. Food from a halaal supplier. alcohol is served.
Corner of Burg and Shortmarket Streets, Cape Town. Tel 021-426-4466
Simply Asia is a Thai restaurant/takeaways (but mostly takeaway) that makes delicious noodle dishes. You'll find that most branches don't have a seating area as they're usually in food courts. These branches have their own seating:
Howard Centre, Pinelands. Tel 021-531-2422
Heritage Square, Cape Town. Tel 021-426-4347 
61A Rosmead Avenue, Kenilworth. Tel 021-674-5175 (fully halaal)
Park Road, Gardens. Tel 021-422-3364 
West Coast Village,c/o R27 and Sandown Road,Parklands. Tel 021 554-5541 
54 Dorp Street, Stellenbosch. Tel  021-886-7382

Vintage India is an upmarket North Indian restaurant in Gardens. Staff have verbally confirmed that the meat is from a halaal supplier. Alcohol is served.
Mill Street, Gardens. Tel 021-462-5106
Table Mountain Cafè at the top of Table Mountain has a range of meals that you can enjoy while overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Alcohol is served on the premises but is not used in any of the dishes or sauces. Meat from a halaal supplier.
Table Mountain, Cape Town. Tel 021-424-8181

Moyo is well-known for their buffet lunches and suppers. The branch at Spier has closed down but there's still one at Kirstenbosch and Blouberg. They do have options from halaal suppliers. Alcohol is served.

Ocean Basket sells seafood dishes only. They serve alcohol. Branches countrywide. One fully halaal branch in Vangate Mall.

Coffee on the Square has cakes, coffee and light meals. Menu has some products from halaal suppliers.
Ground floor, main foyer CTICC, Cape Town. Tel 021-410-5053

Bombay Chilli is an Indian bistro that serves curries and other similar dishes. Meat from a halaal suppplier but alcohol served.
46 Beach Road, Muizenberg. Tel 021-788-1016

Signal Hill Terrace at the Hilton Hotel is a chilled eatery where you can relax at the pool with light meals or snacks. They also have okkah/shisha and all the food's from halaal suppliers but they do serve alcohol. 
126 Buitengracht, Hilton Cape Town City Centre Hotel, corner of Buitengracht and Wale Street, Cape Town. Tel 021-481-3700.

Pancho's in Observatory has huge portions of Mexican dishes including burritos and awesome nachos. You have to book in advance as this spot is very popular and you may end up waiting on the pavement till a table is available.  Book a table at the back if you'd prefer to be away from the bar area. Staff have confirmed that the meat is from a halaal supplier. They serve alcohol. Closed on Sundays. 
127 Lower Main Road, Observatory. Tel 021-447-4854.

Addis in Cape is an Ethiopian restaurant in the CBD and their meals include vegetarian, vegan and non-vegetarian meals made with meat from a halaal supplier. 
41 Church Street (an corner of Long Street), Cape Town. Tel 021-424-5722.

Sloppy Sam is a Mediterranean-styled restaurant serving mostly Greek cuisine and specialising in lamb dishes. There are a few chicken, beef and seafood options but the lamb's what you'd want to go for. The owner/chef is chirpy and if you pass him upon entering, he'll give you a warm and happy welcome to his restaurant. The name of the place may raise an eyebrow but there's nothing sloppy about the venue, food or the service. Meat from halaal supplier. Alcohol served.
51a Somerset Road, Green Point. Tel 021-419-2921.

Singh's House of Curries is one of a few (or if any) places in the Winelands area that has meat from a halaal supplier. Guests are allowed to bring their own alcohol so this spot isn't certified.
344 Main Road, Paarl. Tel 021-872-4243.

There are other takeaway places that I didn't include, like Nando's, KFC and McDonald's. These, among others are halaal. I'll keep updating the list as I receive more information.