Friday, 28 January 2011

Boulders Beach

Even though you have to cough up 40 bucks just to chill on the sand and splash in the water, Boulders Beach is sooo worth it. If penguins don't freak you out you have to check it out at least once.

It's a tiny secluded beach with that typical tropical island turquoise water that's just the right temperature (ok maybe it's a bit colder than that). It sucks when it's high tide, though, coz the water comes all the way up the sand and you have a little less than a metre of space for your stuff to be kept dry.

They only allow a certain amount of people so when we got there (at about 2:30pm) we had to chill outside and wait for people to leave so that we could be let in.

Don't go patting or feeding the penguins though. They look cute but it's not gonna be so cute when they peck your fingers!