Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Victoria Street Market

Some reviews claim it's like stepping into another world, other sites tell you it's a must-see. I beg to differ. I visited the Victoria Street Market (in all fairness, I didn't bother to check out the fresh fish/ food side - so that could be awesome) and was a tad disappointed.

It's not like stepping into another world...at all. It almost like stepping into China Town in Ottery or Sable Square. A series of shops selling brassware, cheap Chinese and Taiwanese hair accessories, make-up, bags and of course, spices. I love China Town - this doesn't even come close when it comes to clothing and other fun stuff. If you search for the market on the Internet, you're bound to find close-ups of spices and all sorts of fun stuff. Naturally, after doing my searching, I was excited to see what it's all about. Now, I could be completely wrong and may have only seen a fraction on the place, so if you've been, please let me know that I went to the wrong entrance or building altogether.
This was the most exciting stall I saw

I expected to see saris and scarves and other more interesting things. Anyway, I managed to leave with KFC and Nando's spices - so it wasn't a complete waste. I too am guilty of only taking close-up shots of the spices, simply because there was nothing else appealing to take pics of...and after the spice man cautioned me and suggested I don't walk around with my camera so freely, my picture-taking came to an end.

If you're in Durban, visit the market and let me know what you think. As a an avid 'marketeer', I expected a bit more.

It's on the corner of Queen and Victoria Streets and operates Monday to Saturday from 08h00 to 18h00 and Sundays from 10h00 to 16h00
I dare you to try this spice