Thursday, 29 September 2011


I recently had lunch (and then breakfast) at a café I'd highly recommend. Caféen, on the corner of Hampstead and 3rd Avenue in Harlfield village is a quaint spot with some quirky decor and a cosy yet airy feel. Lunch was a basic toasted cheese sandwich and some coffee. The sandwich was huge.
 For both visits I didn't wait more than five minutes for my food - and for breakfast we were more than ten guests at one table - and the rest of the place was quite busy. For breakfast I had a salmon, cream cheese, spring onion and scrambled egg croissant. Yum!  There's a spacious outside section and a smaller smoking section (outside) and the inside's got all sorts of rustic items and fun decor. We had a girls' breakfast there and were well looked after and had no issues with any orders. Most of us had the salmon croissant because there wasn't too much that catered for non-bacon-eating guests, but there were enough options to keep us happy. I think this dish just sounded the most mmm. 
Our Cafeen-themed reminder-invitations: