Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cape Times Big Walk

So 10 kilometres isn't that much, but it's something and it beats my usual sleeping in on a Sunday...actually, it doesn't...but it was for a good cause, so it doesn't matter.

Dragging myself out of bed at 6am on a Sunday is sooo not my idea of fun! Seven of us decided to do the 10km fun walk from Cape Town to..uhm.. let's call it Mowbray because not many people know where St George's Grammar School is. The plan was to get to the Grand Parade at 8am and finish the walk by 10am. Did we get it right? Read on. In true Cape Town style, the race race started 5 minutes early (for those of you who remember the premature implosion of the cooling towers) even though there is a massive clock at the top of Cape Town Central Library overlooking the Grand Parade. See exhibit A:

07h55 and off we go
So the walk started out very slowly - we were all trying to squeeze through the streets of Cape Town until we got through the Company Gardens. From here it was free sailing.  I wasn't long before we saw a "6km to go" sign. I'm not sure how we reached that so quickly. A few minutes later we were at the halfway mark sipping Coca-Cola.  There's not much else to say except, we walked and walked and walked until we reached the finish line.

It was a fairly easy walk - not too long and not too short. Pics say it all:

The contestants :-)

The starting point

Thousands of people getting ready for the walk

This means nothing - I just thought the birds looked cool

Just past half way!

Smiley faces at the finish line :-)


Me and my medal.