Monday, 8 November 2010

Santa Shoebox Project

I think this is a really cool initiative and I'll encourage people to take part in it when it comes around again.  Basically, you get a shoebox (standard size), fill it with cool stuff (guidelines are provided). Wrap the box....and you've just made one child smile.  I think you're too late for this year's shoebox project but maybe next year you'll wanna give it a go?

This box came to about R90 (Cheap cheap) but some of my colleagues spent about R250 on theirs (I'm not THAT generous).  Hahaha.

This box is for a 12-year old female. I don't know if girls that age still play with dolls but this is the only toy I could find to fit in this box!
The box must have a facecloth, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. There must be one item of clothing, a toy, sweets and some stationery and they all have to fit into a medium-sized box.

Pretty cool. My birthday's in December - you're welcome to give me an age-specific Fatima Shoebox.

Thank you :-)