Tuesday, 22 March 2011

KDay 2011

That festival was hot ...and I'm talking about the 44 degrees Celcius kinda hot! Every year Kfm has a music festival featuring local artists performing at some venue where you can picnic and make a day of it. This year it was at Val de Vie Wine and Polo Estate in Paarl and we decided to give it a go. We knew it was going to be hot...but not the kind of why-didn't-I-go-to-the-beach-I-want-to-kill-myself HOT. We got to the venue at about 8:30am and there was a queue (damn those eager beavers!). We could feel the heat then already!
The queue at 8:30am. Gates open at 9am, show starts at 11am

We brought umbrellas, and some were provided - but the rule was: while there's someone performing on stage your umbrella needs to be down. So it was like a circus show with people lowering and opening their shade every ten minutes or so. Eventually the medics advised the organisers that there was no way we could sit in that heat all day long. WHEW. But with the the pleasure of having the shade came the displeasure of not seeing the stage. But there comes a time in your life when you have to decide...do I want a perfect view of the stage or do I want to melt and die? Was a tough choice..but at the end of the day just listening to the bands was good enough.
Lotsa space infront of us before the show

Heat aside, it was a spectacular show and it made me really proud of our country with all its talent. Artists included Chad Saaiman, Danny K (who rocked the party). La Vuvuzela, Good Luck, Ard Matthews (of Just Jinger fame), Flash Republic, Goldfish (who rocked the party some more), Arno Carstens (whose CD I bought the day after), Freshly Ground (whose performance made us reminisce about the soccer world cup last year), Dr Victor and the Rasta Rebels (whose act we missed because it was getting late) and the headline act, Prime Circle. If I left anyone out, I'm sorry :-)
And then the umbrellas came out

If the line up's just as good next year, I'll definitely go again...but I'll be sure to bring a blow-up pool to chill in throughout the show.

Chad Saaiman