Monday, 7 March 2011

The Community Chest Carnival

I've been to the Community Chest Carnival at Maynardville before but didn't really think much of it. I don't drink (and that's part of the fun of going there, I guess) so apart from the beer gardens, there was never much else for me to do there...till NOW.

I was at the carnival last Thursday evening and it was actually really fun. I wish I hadn't eaten before I got there though. There was some yummy food on offer and I was too full to have any... but eventually I caved - hehehe. It's the first time I went to a fair and felt like I was in a movie - you know they always have fun-looking carnivals with rides and prizes and candy floss (or cotton candy) where you see a couple in love walking around and he wins her a prize (usually a huge teddy bear) and then they go on the big wheel ..etc

My experience wasn't exactly like that, but it was pretty close. I won a....toothbrush..YAY! Hahaha. The rides were really fun - even though after I finished my second one I was done for the day. They're much scarier than I remember. That, or I was just more brave back then.
Catch a fish and get a prize. Here's where I won my toothbrush

Entrance was R20 - but in true Cape Flats style, we bought tickets outside from two youngsters trying to get rid of their comps for half-price :-)

1. Bonus half-price entry fee.

2. Rosenkuchen - delicious

3. The Tornado

The tornado in action

4. The swings

5. Seeing familiar faces
Trevone pretending he's on a date

Carnival candy
The lady who draws you while you wait

Always thought it was a 'secret' society