Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Harrie's Pancakes

I've always heard about Harrie's Pancakes but I've never been or tried any. They've now moved from the Waterfront to Hout Bay and I happened to be in the area to check it out.
Credit: Taariq Mobara

The setup is awesome for summer, with outside tables and large patio umbrellas (and a little play section for kids). I'm not sure what the layout's like in winter. Because I had a fairly big lunch, I decided to share a pancake (they're a decent size). We ordered a really weird-sounding pannekoek - something like pancake with milktart custard. I don't even remember. I know it had something to do with milktart custard.

Now, as far as I know (and according to Wikipedia), a pancake is thin, flat and round. I'm not sure what they gave me but it definitely wasn't thin. But, pancake thickness argument aside, what they served was delicious. Is it a milktart, is it a pancake, what is it? That's kinda the feeling you get when you eat this one. It's really good, especially with the dollop of ice-cream they give.

 It's in the Main Road in Hout Bay and there's off-street parking available.